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Koro Ihara ×  Ryo Fujimoto


This video is a unique fusion of sculpture and music, showcasing an innovative collaboration. Created by sculptor Koro Ihara, it features a metal art piece shaped like an Akoya oyster, internally integrated with Baroque pearls and transformed into a musical instrument. Additionally, sound artist Ryo Fujimoto masterfully analyzes the frequencies of ocean waves and fine-tunes his instruments accordingly.

He uses this metallic creation alongside a natural shell, skillfully creating the sounds of the sea in real-time through electronic instruments.


This performance was held on November 30, 2023, at Futamiura Beach in Ise City.


Performance, Recording, Edit - Ryo Fujimoto

Sculptor - Koro Ihara

Shooting - Hiroto Kitamura

Mastering - Daichi Yuhara

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