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"Wakamatsuya's 'Shiranami Hanpen' represents a journey from the mountains to the vast, tranquil seas, a gift of pure water nurturing a rich marine world.
As dawn breaks, fishermen set sail, casting nets with hopes and prayers for a bountiful catch. The sun's rays dance on the ocean, carrying hopes for the future. The catch, skillfully transformed by artisans into 'Shiranami', graces our tables, embodying the harmony of nature and human endeavor, a tradition that flows through time.

In an era echoing with concerns of global warming and severe ocean pollution, Wakamatsuya reminds us to reconsider our harmony with mountains, seas, and nature through our culinary choices.


The first taste of Wakamatsuya's hanpen struck me with the realization: 'This is the taste of the sea!' When I inquired about its distinct marine flavor, the answer was simple: no unnecessary additives, just the pure essence of the sea. Fishermen bring their catch directly from the sea, swiftly preparing it on their boats before delivering it to Wakamatsuya's workshop. There, skilled craftsmen lovingly shape each piece of hanpen, capturing the sea's essence. In this process, 'Shiranami' emerged in my mind as a perfect metaphor.

Eliminating the superfluous and embracing years of honed skills, each piece is crafted with sincerity and care. This approach deeply inspired me, guiding my own composition with the same heartfelt dedication.

In our modern world, where the unnecessary often overshadows authenticity, we may be losing sight of true beauty. This extends beyond food to information and more. Wakamatsuya's hanpen has led me to reflect on the essence and purpose of creation, for which I am profoundly grateful.

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653-9 Shimono-cho, Ise City, Mie, Japan
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